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"L' Alboreto Salvatico" is located in the heart of the "Marche" in a valley called "Forchiusa" (the close), near a pretty medieval village, called Serra San Quirico, in the province of Ancona,.
The owners, Annalisa and Martino, after many years working abroad, passionately dedicated their energies to restoring this corner of paradise located at the edge of the Regional Park of the Red Gorge where they decided to settle. This resulted in the birth of a small farm that values traditional plants and mixes them harmoniously with a variety of typical Mediterranean vegetation. At the heart of the property you will find "L'Alboreto Salvatico", an establishment built in typical rural style by local farmers, constructed in sandstone and originally the home of sharecroppers.

"When, thirty-two years ago, I came to live in this house I had built, the area was wild and neglected: the barberry bushes, dog rose and juniper had invaded the rocky but arable land that the inhabitants of the district, in the distant past, had farmed in order to harvest a bit of barley and potatoes ....... I had to work hard to level the ground, remove stumps, fences, bushes ... It was autumn, and one day, walking with my eldest son, I picked up the first tree to bring it closer to home: a joung scots pine just a few inches tall, that had scarcely managed to grow among the rocks..."

Mario Rigoni Stern                      

Surrounded by the scent of aromatic herbs and flowers, you can enjoy the peace of the landscape, take long walks along the many trails that lead you deep into the countryside, or even explore the neighbouring woods, 'till you find the stream of "Acquafosca" (dark water), where the wildlife enthusiasts may easily encounter the local fauna.

"L'Alboreto Salvatico" is the ideal starting point for those who wish to explore the Province of Ancona, rich in cultural sites and events, as well as for those who want to enjoy the sea and its natural beauty, the coast being varied and harmonious. In the evening, they will all be sure to return to a cool and relaxing home.

With Annalisa and Martino, if you wish to, you can learn more about the country life of the "Marche", participating in many agricultural activities that take place at the farm, from the harvesting of fruits and olives, to the preparation of jams and the processing of numerous herbs cultivated there. It will be their pleasure to lead you to the discovery of local trees and shrubs so that you can learn about plants and fruits of the area, as well as wild herbs and their healing properties.

For families, "L'Alboreto Salvatico" provides the necessary means to accommodate the children and offers, if requested, entertainment and babysitting.

For those who are fans of sports, some mountain bikes are available and materials and information on the routes is provided, also for trekking, rafting, horseback riding or paragliding, which are all activities that take place in the neighbouring Red Gorge Regional Park.

Via Forchiusa, 62 - 60048 SERRA SAN QUIRICO, (AN) (Italy) -
Tel. 349.75.75.949 - email: info@lalboretosalvatico.com
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